Casner & Edwards

Nonprofit Organizations

In Navigating the Nonprofit World…
You Have Our Attention.®

In addition to the common demands that challenge all businesses, nonprofit organizations face distinct legal issues. Casner & Edwards provides widely recognized expertise that helps nonprofits deal with these matters, including initial formation and operating issues, tax and trust law.

We serve educational, health, cultural, social services, religious and scientific organizations, together with trade associations, grant-making foundations, and individuals and businesses engaged in philanthropic activities.

With extensive experience in this field, and backed by Casner & Edwards’ full range of business counseling and litigation expertise, we provide sophisticated counsel attuned to the needs of nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Attorney General Matters
  • Charitable Foundation Issues
  • Charitable Giving Issues
  • Charities Law & Fundraising Regulation
  • Corporate Issues & Governance
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Duties & Liabilities of Directors
  • Employment 
  • Endowment & Trust Law Issues
  • Executive Compensation, Including Deferred Compensation
  • Federal Tax Exemption
  • Formation and Dissolution
  • For-Profit Conversions 
  • Government Contracting Matters
  • Insolvency & Receiverships
  • IRS Matters 
  • Litigation 
  • Property & Sales Tax Exemption
  • Real Estate 
  • Tax-Exempt Financing
  • Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax
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