Casner & Edwards Attorney George W. Price Featured in Live National Fox News Segment, “America’s Newsroom.”

Written by: George W. Price

George W. Price was interviewed by America’s Newsroom’s Dana Perino on a live Fox News segment on June 25, 2024 to discuss the ongoing Karen Read murder trial. George discussed what impact the Defendant’s two expert witnesses might have on the jury, both of whom testified that, in their expert opinions, Mr. O’Keefe (the victim) had not been struck by a motor vehicle. He shared that this particular testimony was devastating to the Prosecution, and that in his more than 25 years of practice, he has never seen a case where the Defendant’s two primary expert witnesses, had been paid by the FBI/DOJ for their investigative work and subsequent expert opinions, which 100% supported the Defendant’s position that she had not struck the victim with her motor vehicle.

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