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Howard Mayo's Pro Bono Accomplishment

Right before Christmas, Yvonne Abraham of the Boston Globe did a heart-warming story about: (i) a family in Melrose family whose son has cerebral palsy and who, because of parental health conditions, needed help carrying the child upstairs to bed each night; and (ii) a football player and other students from Malden Catholic High who came by each night and carried the boy upstairs for them ( 

The story was also reported on Channel 7 news.

As a result, there was an outpouring of interest from the public in providing financial donations to the family.  The family needed a financial structure for this, various banks were resistant or requiring complicated legal documents, and the family didn't know where to turn.  Scott Harshbarger learned about this and asked if our firm could help. 

While a charitable fund can't be created for a single beneficiary, Howard pushed ahead quickly, contacting and pressing various banks for cooperation in setting up a fund for the child's care.  Finally he was able to work out a special savings account arrangement with Melrose Cooperative Bank.

CNN and other news outlets also followed the story.

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