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Casner & Edwards’ Scott Harshbarger Speaks at the Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute’s Annual Conference

Casner & Edwards LLP attorney Scott Harshbarger spoke at the Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute’s 3rd Annual Conference: Abuse and Self-Neglect, November 6, 2019, in Boston, MA. Harshbarger provided opening remarks for the conference program, which focused on balancing a person’s right to self-determination and protection by considering the issues of:
  • Evaluating capacity for independent living
  • The impact of social isolation
  • Homelessness in a social context
  • Hoarding: how professionals can intervene
  • Battling scams and identity theft
Harshbarger is Senior Counsel in Casner & Edwards’ Litigation and Nonprofit Groups providing strategic counsel for business ethics, corporate investigations and defense, compliance and risk management, corporate and governance, and government regulation. He has had a long and successful public service career as a public defender, civil rights attorney, Middlesex District Attorney and recognized as a national leader during his term as Massachusetts Attorney General. Harshbarger regularly speaks to state and national business groups, industry and legal associations and college audiences and often appears in the national media and on New England television as a commentator and news analyst.

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