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Casner & Edwards Attorney Michael P. Judge Speaks at Vesta Divorce Webinar on Parenting and Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Casner & Edwards partner Michael P. Judge spoke at Vesta Divorce’s webinar, “An Online Conversation About Parenting and Co-Parenting During COVID-19,” April 13, 2020. The event discussed the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on children and provided insight on the best ways to support and nurture them during the COVID-19 crisis. Judge addressed legal issues related to parenting matters, including custody and co-parenting.

Judge is a partner in Casner & Edward’s Family Law Group focused on resolving legal issues for restructured families. With nearly two decades of experience, he handles all aspects of settlement and trial family law, as well as probate litigation matters. His areas of concentration include divorce, separation, child custody, child support, alimony, property division, paternity, adoption, 209A restraining orders, as well as modification and contempt matters. Judge also assists clients in pre-divorce strategy planning, and developing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Judge has successfully handled a wide variety of litigation matters involving custody disputes, complex support and asset division, business valuation, inheritance, domestic violence, and relocation matters. In addition to Judge’s litigation work, he is a certified Conciliator and is appointed by the Massachusetts Trial Court to serve as Special Master, Attorney for Children, and parent coordinator.

Vesta Divorce is an online community that helps individuals and families before, during, and after divorce. Vesta provides assistance in various aspects of the process, from finding excellent legal resources, understanding financial decisions and selling or refinancing homes, to learning effective coping strategies, co-parenting, and other areas of health and wellness. Vespa connects those going through a divorce with compassionate professionals, invaluable tools, and a supportive and caring community.

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