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Scott Harshbarger

Selected Speaking Engagements and Presentations (2014-2018):

  • “The State of Business Ethics: Programs, People and Challenges (Essential Insights for In-House Counsel),” New England Corporate Counsel Association, Inc., 2015

  • “Risk Management Lessons: Corporate Governance and Risk,” Risk Management and In-house Counsel, B.U. Questrom School of Business and Association of Corporate Counsel, 2015

  • “Envisioning a Career in Public Service,” Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy, B.C. Law School

  • “Are Financial Markets Prepared for the Next Crisis?” General Session Panel, Commonfund 2015 Annual Forum (attended by more than 500 investment leaders and trustees from the nation’s top nonprofit institutions and pension funds)

  • “Assessing and Managing Nonprofit Enterprise Management Risk,” Commonfund 2014 Annual Forum

  • “Creating a Culture of Compliance,” Private Equity Chief Financial Officer Association, 2014

  • “The Role of Public Policy Development in Strategic Direction,” Keynote Address, National Oral Health Alliance Conference, DentaQuest Foundation, 2014

  • “The Influence of Money and Special Interests in Politics: The Challenge to Our Democracy,” Kick-Off Speech, Thursday Morning Talks, Mount Auburn Hospital, 2015

  • “Challenges Forged by Fear: Solutions Provided by Good Governance and Civic Engagement,” Keynote Address, RISK SUMMIT for Non-Profits

  • “The Case for Renewal of Civic Capitalism in the Independent Sector,” Attorney General Charity Program, Columbia Law School

  • “Managing Relations with the Industry: Conflict of Interest Issues - A Guide for Medical Professionals,” Harvard Medical School ITTM Fellows Seminars (co-authored book of same title)

  • “Government Lawyering: Examining the Office of the MA Attorney General (1975-87),” B.C. Law Panel


  • Northeastern Law & Policy Doctoral Program, Lecture, “Major Public Policy Challenges to Our Democracy”, July 18, 2008

  • Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons, Public Hearing #4, February 8-9, 2006- “A Reform Agenda”

  • Law and Public Service: Strengthening Democracy: The Challenge of Public Interest Law,” Maine Law School Annual Frank M. Coffin Lecture by Scott Harshbarger

  • “Conflict of Interest and Managing Relationships with the Industry,” Intensive Training in Transitional Medicine (ITTM) Fellows Seminar, Harvard Medical School

  •  “The Renewal of Civil Capitalism,” Commencement Speech, New England College of Business

  •  “Challenges Forged by Fiscal Fear:  Solutions Provided by Good Governance and Civic Engagement,” Key Note Speech, RISK SUMMIT for Nonprofits and published in The NonProfit Times

  • “Building a More Perfect Democracy,” Opening Speaker, Common Cause Massachusetts Annual Fundraiser

  • “The Need for and Challenge of Public Policy Advocacy,” Keynote Address, National Oral Health Alliance Conference, DentaQuest Foundation

  •  “The Lessons of the 2010 (2012 and 2014) Elections,” Bi-Annual Lectures, Harvard College Institute of Retired Learning

  • “The Leadership Challenges of the New Era of Nonprofit Governance,” Newton Community Education, Lifetime Learning

  • “Nonprofit Leadership/Governance,” Keynote Address, Annual Meeting of Planned Giving Group of New England

  • “John Gardner and Personal Renewal – Revisited,” Bay State College Commencement Speech

  •  “Law, Profession and Public Interest,” Orientation Speech to First Year Lawyers, UMass Law School

  • “Top 10 Issues for Corporate Counsel,” Risk Management Executive Seminar, Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy

  • “The Pro Bono Manager Position – Idealism & the Real World,” Association of Law Firm Pro Bono Counsel 



  • “Government Lawyering:  Examining the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General (1975-1986),” Boston College Law School

  • “The Case for a Renewal of Civil Capitalism in the Independent Sector,” Attorney-General Charity Program Published, Columbia Law School

  • “Strategic Direction: The Role of Public Policy Development,” DentaQuest Board

  • “Making the World a Better Place Through the Non-Profit Sector,” Symposium Panelist, Harvard Law Class of 1968

  • “Surrounding Community Agreements Under the Massachusetts Gaming Act,” CLE, Panel Chair, Massachusetts

  • “The Influence of Money and Special Interests in Politics:  The Challenge to our Democracy,” 2014 Series Kick-off, Thursday Morning Talks, St. Auburn Hospital

  • “Assessing and Managing Nonprofit Enterprise Risk,” Forum Panelist, Commonfund Annual Investor Conference, Florida

  • “Building the Great Society: Reflections on LBJ in 1964 and 2014,” Speaker, Memorial Church Service, Harvard College Reunion

  • “Creating a Culture of Compliance,” Speaker, Private Equity Chief Financial Officer Association

  • "For In-House Lawyers, Financial Meltdown Has Silver Lining,” New England In-House, November, 2008 


  • SSC Task Force on Hiring and Promotion in the Judicial Branch  -- 5 Reports Submitted, Supreme Judicial Court (2010 – 2011)

  • “Managing Relationships with Industry: A Physician’s Compliance Manual,” Harvard Medical School, June, 2008, by Steve Schachter, William Mandell, Scott Harshbarger and Randall Grometstein, published by Elsevier, Academic Press

  • “Looking Back and Looking Forward: Sarbanes-Oxley and the Future of Corporate Governance,”  Akron Law Review, March 16, 2007, by Scott Harshbarger and Goutam U. Jois

  • “Break/Through,” Pro Bono Review, Proskauer Rose LLP, 2007

  • “Department of Correction Advisory Council,” Final Report, October, 2005

  • “Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC),” Reform Initiatives Advisory Committee Report, 2005

  • Corrections Reforms, Commonwealth Magazine, 2005

  • “Deterring White-Collar Crime,” Boston Business Journal, August 19, 2005, by Scott Harshbarger and Goutam U. Jois,

  • “Strengthening Public Safety, Increasing Accountability, and Instituting Fiscal Responsibility in the Department of Correction,” Governor Romney’s Commission on Correction Reform, June, 2004

  • “New Realities of Corporate Governance for Company Attorneys,” New England In-House, April, 2004, by Scott Harshbarger and John Hansen

  • “Strengthening Democracy: The Challenge of Public Interest Law, Maine Law Review,” Hon. Frank M. Coffin Lecture on Law and Public Service, 2004

  • “The Greatest Leadership Challenge: Renewing Our Belief in Democracy and Political Advocacy,” The Nonprofit Quarterly, Summer, 2003

  • “The Whistle-Blower: Policy Challenges for Nonprofits,” The Nonprofit Quarterly, Winter, 2007, by Scott Harshbarger and Amy Crafts

  • “Proskauer Rose: Taking a Program to the Next Level,” Interview, Scott Harshbarger, August, 2007

  • “Restoring Public Confidence:  Corporate Governance as Institutionalized Integrity,” Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, April 1, 2006

  • “Ragging the Puck: Not a Viable Strategy for the Whole Game,” The Nonprofit Quarterly, 2005

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