Casner & Edwards

Scott Harshbarger

  • Conducted independent investigation of faculty-student sexual misconduct/inapprorpriate behavior at St. Paul’s School and Concord Academy, plus four other schools (completed and ongoing)
  • Conducted governance investigations/reviews for and of non-profit boards, including: Boston Police and Westfied State Foundations; English HS Alumni Association; American Institute for Employment Research; American Academy Arts and Sciences; Smithsonian Institute; Wounded Warrior; Neuroendrocine Tumor Foundation (NETRF); Dismas (Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Provided regulatory and strategic counsel for national, publicly-held and MA for-profit corporations and not-for-profit human services, education, veterans and health care organizations in matters relating to MA and other state Attorney-General and state agency inquiries and investigations
  • Provided litigation advice and counsel for MA and national corporations/non-profits, including Skilled Nursing Facilites, national student loan and debt-buyer corporations, and mortgage/banking entities
  • Provided public policy counsel and advocacy on public guardianship, elder and long-term care, election and campaign finance compliance and reform, business, non-profit and corporate ethics and compliance
  • Conducted various special independent and internal investigations for CEOS, boards and law firms
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