Casner & Edwards

Russell J. Smith

  • Represented court-appointed personal representative of an estate in multi-pronged litigation brought by a beneficiary.
  • Represented a minor beneficiary of a trust in a trustee removal action, resulting in an offer to voluntarily resign and appoint the mother of the minor beneficiary as successor trustee.
  • Represented wife in a divorce; successfully obtained an order for husband to vacate the marital home and negotiated a settlement that negated the parties’ prenuptial agreement and provided wife greater financial security.
  • Represented client in adoption of a minor by step-parent, which enabled the minor to secure dual U.S. and E.U. citizenship.
  • Represented client in a contentious divorce and negotiated a divorce agreement, which protected their recent inheritance as sole property.
  • Represented client who successfully obtained appointment as guardian of their minor niece.
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